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Beca Mitchell ([personal profile] remixthisbusiness) wrote2013-03-30 01:49 am
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Beca's Remixes

This is a master list of all the possible remixes Beca will "make" and share in the future, most likely under her Youtube handle DJ Supersonic. Each link leads to the original Youtube video.

Sorted By: Artist

Original Title [Beca's Title (If Applicable)]

Just the Way You Are Mashup [Just the Way Dreams Lie]

DJ Dreamport
Friday Night Domino
In The End [Pop State of Mind 2012]

DJ Dry Bones
Carry Me Home, Maybe
Good Titanium Kicks

DJ Earworm
Don't Stop the Pop
Party on the Floor
Shine Brighter
World Go Boom

DJ Mario
Lady Gaga Megamix [Born a Fame Monster]

DJ Schmolli
Just the Way You Set Fire to the Rain
Live for Somebody That I Used to Know
Payphone Lights
Titanium 500

Dr. Brixx
42 Song Pop Punk Mashup [42 Punk Up]

As Long As You Love Me Like A Love Song
Been Turned On
Live & Die With a Good Feeling [Live Good & Die Young]
Party Rock Star
The One I Used to Know
Wild Titanium

Kyle Carter
Forget the World

Paul Tasker
Busta 212

Stormriver [tumblr]

Unknown [if you know who made these, please let me know so I can credit them!]
Born This Way Megamix [Little Monster Mashup]